Nolan is your neighbor, he is a bit of a lost artist finding his way. He loves to speak about culture and history but more importantly he loves to enjoy food and wine in great company. Nolan is that friend, new or old, you know will always be there. Always around for an early glass of wine, a late-night cocktail, or a cozy dinner. Here you might feel like you're right at home, this is what Nolan loves. It’s a relaxed, warm, and unfussy space to unwind and enjoy. It’s kinda like your living room or dinning room, wherever it is that you love to host the most.

Inspired by French cuisine, the food is chef driven by seasonal ingredients, local farms, local markets, and local producers. Nolan is a space that preaches conviviality, on the menu you will find a variety of different dishes that are best when shared with loved ones. The wine list includes both classic and nature wine from all over the world and is meticulously selected from a multitude of producers who, like Nolan, are passionate about what they do. Like I always say, As you are. Nolan